How do I know what the best Content Management System is for my website?

Choosing a CMS is not something to be taken lightly, but it doesn't have to be painful either.


At thunder::tech, we go through a process every time a client needs a CMS.  One part interviewing the client to get to know their needs and one part pulling from our experience and expertise to fit them with the best option.


The elements that we consider for each of our clients and their situations:

  • Features needed
  • Integration points desired- Do we want to hook into Automation, CRM or Ecommerce?
  • Roadmap - What are the goals for later releases or improvements?
  • Budget - We want to match solution with fiscal limits
  • Legacy - Is there a familiarity or governance already set?
  • Maintenance - What is the total cost of ownership and resources to expect?





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