How often do I need to renew my Kentico license?

As Kentico's CMS licensing is a perpetual model, it is not necessary to renew your Kentico license every year. But, with that said, there are very valid reasons why we take each client's licensing and weigh whether or not to renew every year.

If a new release of Kentico's CMS has intriguing and very much improved features that our clients can take immediate advantage of, fix any prior issues or generally improve their marketing lives, we recommend the path to renewal.

The renewal costs are much more reduced than the first licensing and we would assist in getting the appropriate costs to you.

Here are some more reasons why renewal may make sense for a client:

Older version licenses can’t embrace the latest technology and performance improvements leaving you behind. Far more significant costs can be anticipated if you have to invest in these advantages independent of a Kentico CMS update that would be inclusive with your maintenance renewal.

When new versions are released and you want to upgrade, you will always pay significantly more than the cost of updating your license under an active maintenance agreement.



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